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You, or someone close to you, likely needs an attorney. Are you involved in, or about to become involved, in litigation? Do you have a legal issue? Do you have a pending legal matter? Do you know your rights? Do you need the protection of the law? Do you know the legal system? Do you know the applicable laws? Do you understand the consequences if you fail to hire a lawyer to help you? The law can be dangerous and precarious. The law is no light matter. It is always serious. There are no exceptions. There may be severe implications and lasting consequences. We, at Jeffrey E. Schulze, P.C. (“Schulze Law”), are always mindful of these things, and we can help.

Happy Anniversary w borderSchulze Law is located in Algonquin, Illinois. Combined, our legal team has over 65 years of experience in the law. Schulze Law focuses on litigation matters, including family law and divorce, criminal law, civil litigation, and probate. We also handle business and related matters, contracts, residential and commercial real estate, and wills, powers of attorney and trusts. We handle other legal matters, as well.

Schulze Law has been assisting clients through the legal system and processes for many years, primarily in the Illinois Counties of McHenry, Kane, DuPage, and Lake, and also in northwest Cook County, Illinois, providing professional and skilled legal services, both in and out of court. We involve our client in the process, and in defining and setting practical goals, throughout our representation. We believe our client is entitled to be made aware of what is going on, and to have enough information to be able to make knowing decisions. Towards those ends, we communicate with our client, return telephone calls, and respond to emails and letters. At Schulze Law we believe these approaches and practices are fair to our client, for it is the client’s legal matter, after all.

We also know that when a person is in need of legal services, there is often stress, fear, insecurity and anxiety involved. It only makes sense. We understand. Jeff Schulze is not just a lawyer, but an Attorney and Counselor At Law.

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